Case study

Borysew Zoo

Thanks to this collaboration we have 600 new, very unusual friends… since this number of animals live in the biggest private zoo in Poland.

We provide comprehensive promotional support for the Borysew Zoo and are in charge of the online sales of tickets.



Złotnicki is one of the oldest removal companies in Polish market. With us since 10 years…. As they say: “Such loyal customers are few and far between…”

We have no bias in favour, but we are glad about long-time collaboration based on partnership.


My Turquoise Planet

Climate changes is one of the most important issues we face in the modern world, and the water management – particularly within urban areas – is a key challenge.  

The “My Turquoise Planet” project is being implemented in collaboration with schools from Piaseczno county. Our task is to raise the awareness of school children about the consequences of climate changes through educational and promotional actions in the Internet.


Z Pieca Rodem

“Z Pieca Rodem” company offers permanently around 40 types of bread, seasonal cakes, sweet buns and cookies as well as cakes to order.
We have started the adventure with this “delicious” customer from analysing the existing image.

The brand approached us in order to improve the negative image in the Internet. There were many negative opinions and comments of Internet users in the net, which were not responded by the brand.


Niciarniana Park

The Niciarnia Park needed the comprehensive promotion of a commercial facility. The mall has already had its grand opening, but unfortunately the customer faced small number of customers.

In the first 3 months of support we managed to achieve 40% growth in brand visibility in the Internet and 2500 new recipients. This translated to a bigger number of visitors in the shopping mall. Our activities were supplemented by ongoing update of the website.



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