Description of actions

Climate changes is one of the most important issues we face in the modern world, and the water management – particularly within urban areas – is a key challenge.  

The “My Turquoise Planet” project is being implemented in collaboration with schools from Piaseczno county. Our task is to raise the awareness of school children about the consequences of climate changes through educational and promotional actions in the Internet.


During the Project we have planned numerous events addressed to pupils of secondary schools in Piaseczno county. We also invite to the events all interested residents of the county. The educational packs have been created for pupils, in addition the youth has a chance to take part in competitions and win attractive prizes. As part of meetings, the conferences with the participation of foreign experts, discussions and a picnic are organized.

Visual identification

While working on the proposal for visual identification for the “My Turquoise PLANET” project we wanted everyone to see in its logo: the care about the planet, accountability and focus.

HERE IS THE PLANET logo reflects the message: “Water allows us to survive on our planet. Let us respect it!”.  The colour scheme of the logo was based on colours associated with water – two shades of turquoise. Thus the colour scheme refers to the full name of the project: “My Turquoise Planet”.

The metaphorical drop used in the logo ring as the most recognizable symbol of water is unclosed – this is the metaphor of both the necessity of collecting and saving water, and a situation in which it comes to irrational loss of water.

Advertising campaigns

The Meta Ads and Google Ads are focused on buildings reaches and awareness of the project implemented in the local community of Piaseczno