Description of actions

“Z Pieca Rodem” company offers permanently around 40 types of bread, seasonal cakes, sweet buns and cookies as well as cakes to order.

We have started the adventure with this “delicious” customer from analysing the existing image. The brand approached us in order to improve the negative image in the Internet. There were many negative opinions and comments of Internet users in the net, which were not responded by the brand.

Social media

In order to remain in contact with recipients we have launched the channels on two social media platforms such as: Facebook and Instagram. In communication with Internet users we used photos from proprietary photoshoots and as intended we focused on educating recipients. In communication we emphasized the natural products used for baking and traditional recipes.  We have performed a role of Customer Service Centre in relations with customers.

We highlighted these brand features which distinguished it against the background of similar products – early served breakfasts and lunch sets.


On the basis of strategy developed we have created the website from scratch. It included the assumptions of consistent key visual (common brand image in the Internet), presented a complete offering of products and services, as well as stores location.

Marketing strategy

For the chain of “Z Pieca Rodem” bakeries and patisseries we have developed a communication strategy, defined goals, target groups, competitors, weaknesses and strengths, and first of all we have defined distinguishing features of the brand (USP) and consumer insight.

On this basis we have indicated the distribution channels – within offline and online area. Very important element of our narration was to educate the residents about the quality of products (bread baked from a raw and freshly prepared dough) and exhibition of breakfasts in “Z Pieca Rodem” places.

Key Visual

We have started the work on warming up the image from the preparation of Key Visual, including the iconography and external communication tools.

Yellow colours – due to the colour scheme of the company’s logo + black backgrounds as the elements of premium brand.

Fonts – rounded and modern illustrating the character of the company and associations with bread, the main product of the customer.

Summary / Effects

  • Complaints in the news: 10 / month
  • Comments: 120 / month, including 15 complaints-related
  • Post publication: 16 + reports / month
  • Report generating, preparing and analysing: 1 / month
  • 10 free articles on platform
  • 11 photoshoots
  • 9 Facebook ADS paid campaigns
  • 72 graphic creations implemented