Description of actions

Złotnicki is one of the oldest removal companies in Polish market. With us since 10 years…. As they say: “Such loyal customers are few and far between…” We have no bias in favour, but we are glad about long-time collaboration based on partnership.

Social media

Rafał Złotnicki – the owner of the company wanted to maintain the relationship marketing which was very important to him. That is why we base our communication on social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn, in which we systematically stay in touch with customers.


With the use of key visual iconography we have created a new layout of the website and additional functionalities to strengthen the actions of paid advertisement and UX EXPERIENCE. We have introduced a removal valuation simulation form for individual persons to streamline the customer service process.


Key Visual - graphic designs

We have prepared a comprehensive key visual document in which we combined the company image into one consistent Złotnicki Group. We have established new elements of the brand communication. The inspiration to actions has proven to be a photo shoot in the company of the whole team. We have designed not only name cards, folders or headed paper, but also car fleet wrapping.

A guiding element was “Z” letter in the form of an arrow which reflects the dynamic nature of the services offered and refers to the “We are on the road” slogan. Three colours refer to three pillars of company’s activity: transport, removals and machinery relocation.



Google ADS campaigns

Google ADS campaigns are aimed at acquiring new customers in selected locations in Poland (mainly Łódź province).

We conduct 3 campaigns to increase the sales of services in the field of removals, office furniture and transport of machinery.

We have achieved a significant growth in transition to OLX auctions in a campaign that promotes the sales of a second-hand furniture. It is important to emphasise that the transition to OLX auction represents almost 30% of all user entries to the website (out of 666 user visits, as much as 226 persons had entered OLX).

The traffic on this website is primarily advertisements (95% of all traffic in the website).

In a campaign promoting the removals from Łódź and Warsaw the contact by telephone prevails. 45% of all telephone contacts take place through advertisements in Google. Other contacts originate from organic entries and direct entries to the website.


Each professional marketing specialist knows that in order to ensure the best and highest website position in the browser you need to carry out both SEM and SEO activities.

We have started the positioning from the website audit, competitor analysis, adding an industry blog and we have taken care of the exposure on external websites.

We are monitoring on an ongoing basis the key words and every month we propose dedicated solutions for the brand.