Social Media

We are creating and handling 4 channels in social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok. Well enough, that the competitors often come up with “the same ideas” that we do.  

Internet users who observe Zoo’s social media channels are perfectly familiar with whimsical Bogdan – a white tiger, touchy Tymon (a reticulated giraffe), funny David – a grey seal, or the biggest darling of Borysew Zoo – Tosia, the female tapir.

Borysew Zoo hosts over 100 species and 600 animals. Getting to know their habits and sharing them with the world is an extraordinary mission. On Tik Tok of Borysew Zoo we have achieved 99% growth in the number of observers and registered users. The best clip on Tik Tok has reached over 15 million views and almost five hundred comments!


In the course of creating the logo we decided to primarily emphasise the residents of Borysew Zoo. The symbolic selection could have been the only one: white lions, unique in Poland, who are the pride of the zoo.

When designing we have selected the minimalistic view of the sign which could match all the offline and online materials.

Public relations / Media relations

We also provide the Borysew Zoo with a comprehensive PR and media relations support – we create and distribute press releases, we take care of the good image of the Borysew Zoo, we create promotional campaigns in the media.

We organize photo shoots and film shooting. Our experience in work in TV, radio and newspapers translates into numerous publications about the Borysew Zoo. Along with the team of the zoological garden we organize events by engaging influencers, musicians and what is important – guests of the Borysew Zoo.

This collaboration is based on a common trust and engagement since only this type of collaboration brings the expected results.

Paid campaigns

Comprehensive sales support through the Meta Ads and Google Ads campaigns. They are aimed at increasing online sales in selected target groups, promoting the events and increasing the activity around the Borysew Zoo offer.

Reaching a customer at every stage of the sales funnel: from lookalike group to traditional conversions.

Recommendations of Mister Andrzej Pabich -the owner of the Borysew Zoo

Digitale shows due diligence in performing its job, in accordance with the tasks entrusted. The collaboration – at each stage – is professional and is based on a principle of mutual respect.

Andrzej Pabich 
The Owner of the Borysew Zoo

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